Covid-19 Guidelines

What to expect when you arrive?

  • Mask must be worn upon arrival and kept on until class begins.
  • Dancers line up outside the building on marked spots no more than 10 mins ahead. Only dancers will be permitted inside the studio.
  • Dancers should arrive dressed- Changing room will be off limits.
  • Dancers will be asked if they are sick or feel ill. If your dancer is ill or feels ill they will not be permitted to dance. Dancer that are sick will be sent home.
  • Instructors will take temperature of each dancer.
  • Dancers will sanitize their hands with hand sanitizer before entering.
  • Any shoes worn to the studio must be removed outside of the main entrance and carried into the studio. Following class shoes are to be carried outside of the studio and put back on outside of the space.
  • Dance shoes/ sneakers must be worn in the studios that have not been used outside.
  • Dancers will enter building and go directly into the studio, one at a time.
  • Dancers will place their personal items in the studio with them on the side and go to a marked area in the studio.

What to expect for classes?

  • Classes will be structured to eliminate contact or use of props until further notice.
  • Dancers will not touch or use cell phones during class. They must be left in their bag
  • Instructors and staff will wear masks while in the studio and common areas where physical distancing cannot happen.
  • Dancers can opt to wear protective masks during class and are not required during class time. They must be used in commons areas and when going to the bathroom.
  • Water machine will not be available at this time. Dancers must bring their own water in a labelled bottle.
  • Hair must be pulled back to avoid touching their hair and face.
  • Dancers will dance within the marked spaces on the dance floor to maintain physical distance as best we can.

What to expect during pick-up?

  • Dancers will exit the studio one at a time.
  • Dancers must be collected on time as no one will be able to wait in the lobby. Dancers are not allowed to wait in the lobby if have a break during class times.
  • If dancer has back to back class in another studio they are expected to sanitize before moving to the other studio. If in same studio they must stay inside the studio.
  • Lobby/ waiting area is closed to dancers and families at all times.
  • Dancers should sanitize when leaving studio prior to getting into vehicle.

What to expect at front desk

  • Front desk/ dance store will be closed accept by appt only. During a class only one parent may be permitted in to purchase attire or pay fees if available. Line up at the que outside.
  • Registration can be done online using our website.
  • Payments can be made online or over the phone with cards. Only one parent allowed in office at a time.

Common Questions

What guidelines will the studio be following?
We are following guidelines outlined by Bermuda Government and WHO.

Will I be required to complete any additional forms?
All dancers returning to the studio must complete a health declaration form provided.

What are cleaning and disinfecting procedures?
Our staff will be cleaning before and after every class. Floors will be disinfected and ballet barres will be wiped down. All surfaces and door handles will be wiped in between class times. Bathroom will be sanitized after every use.

How many dancers can be in each studio and how many classes at a time?
Phase 3 allows up to 20 people. Our 6ft marked areas in the studio comfortably allow up to 18 dancers however we will not currently operate at capacity at this time. Classes will be staggered to avoid congestion. Areas will be clearly marked for each dancer to maintain physical distancing. Teachers will monitor.

Will there be multiple classes at once?
Classes will be 50 mins to accommodate studio cleaning in between classes and will be staggered. No classes will be starting or finishing at the same time to avoid congestion. Avoid showing up too early and be on time. If you are early please wait outside the main doors on the marked areas until your class is called.

What happens if a dancer travels abroad?
If a dancer travels overseas the dancer must provide dates of travel via email, and upon arrival back on the island, not return to the studio for 14 days after the date of return.

Will all classes be offered?
We will slowly start to select classes back in person. Classes easier to keep physical distancing and spacing will be considered first. As we ensure the safe transition forward we will add more in-person options. All classes will continue to be offered virtually for those that are not ready to be back in person or higher risk.

COVID Health Declaration Form