Dance Classes

All of our dance classes are designed to help students grow as young artists and to develop a strong technical foundation while having fun.

Me and My Mini

This class is designed for your 18M to 2yr old and an accomanying adult! It will introduce your little one to dance through music, movement, and basic dance steps in a fun environment.


Each weekly class introduces ballet steps and techniques while using imagery and creative movement. Your little dancer will learn the basic positions and jumps. Each class consists of ballet warm-ups, movement, and theme dances. Every class combines ballet steps and creative improvisation to form complete dances. 


This class combines ballet steps and techniques while using imagery and creative movement. Each class consists of ballet warm-ups, locomotor movement, and theme dances. In this class dancers begin to learn the concept of repetition, alignment, poise, and gracefulness. Dancers will move past the beginning steps learned in pre-ballet.

Pre-Pointe/ Pointe

Pre-Pointe and Pointe is only open to dancers who have mastered the necessary level of ballet and who have been selected. This class is for the more advanced ballet dancer and requires an additional ballet class. This is a 60 minute class and is run similarly to other ballet classes in terms of focus and discipline. Ankle and foot bone structure, stage of growth and strength must all be considered. Students require pointe shoes.


Dancers explore elements of energy, space and time as they learn to express their ideas in movement. They learn body placement, gain strength and flexibility, and increase range of motion and coordination. Ballet is required to be taken along with modern.


A street style of jazz funk, focusing on usage of unique rhythms through fast-paced, petite movements put to upbeat style of hiphop music.


This class combines strong and sharp movement with jazz technique to develop strength and flexibility. Learn fun combinations across the floor and center.


This class teaches rhythm, coordination, basic tap terminology and choreography.

Adult Class

We offer adult classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, and Hip-hop. No experience needed. Come join in these fun and energetic dance classes! Learn basic dance technique and fun routines while burning those calories! Strengthen your muscles and flexibility. 

Boys Hip-Hop/Breakdancing

This class is offered for boys only ranging ages 5-12. This funky style of hip-hop and breakdancing will keep your dancer hoppin! They will learn street style dance moves with a fun twist of breakdancing. 


This class is designed for ages 11 years and up. Dancers will learn the fundamentals of Gymnastics with a focus on tumbling and acrobatics. This class will focus on challenging students while learning flexibility, balance, strength, and body control. 


This exciting and energetic class will be sure to get your moving! Learn this Jamaican-based style of dance with the rhythmic sounds of the Caribbean. This class is for ages 12 years and up. 

Beyond Barre

Fusing the principles of ballet, core conditioning and resistance training into one dynamic class, this total body workout will strengthen and stretch your muscles to create a longer, leaner physique. Beyond Barre utilizes the ballet barre and exercise bands to perform multiple high reps of small isolated movements in order to sculpt muscles without adding bulk. This class is designed to tone, lift, and redefine the body. For this class, please register with .


This free class is by audition only and is designed for conditioning our senior dancers. It is compromised of our Advanced students that have strong technique and performance skills. This class also does performances outside of the annual dance recital.